We own 10 beautiful AKC White German Shepherds.

They all have very large yards to run and play in when they are not out and about on the farm chasing the horses, the children on their mini bikes or thier Kong Balls.

This gang can't live without water and lots of it. This includes their own wading pools and our in-ground swimming pool. They have a float just for them and if you get on their float, watch out!

"German Shepherds don't fetch sticks... they fetch trees ! German Shepherds don't play with rubber rings... they play with tires ! German Shepherds don't go around things... they go through them! German Shepherds don't love their owners... they absolutely adore them! German Shepherds don't just protect their owners... they would die for them!"



Our Ms.Sansa, who is bred by us from our retired Zira Von Whitestone and Maximus. We always have incredible smart short coat puppies from her. Sansa is a wonderful sweet girl and can track down that Kong Ball no matter where it is. She is also my constant companion. She is very loving and wants to be where ever I am. Also very Kong Ball driven.



Another beautiful lady is CiCi, an exact duplicate of our Star with great SnowCloud lines, from our Star and Maximus. She is so beautiful and a long coat girl. Sweet and funny with plenty energy to play.


Meet our next generation male, Schultz, from the great dogs of Whitestone Kennels. He is massive and gorgeous with excellent white coat and very dark pigment, even his nails are black. Schultz is our only Sire now.


Our youngest girl is so fun loving, sweet natured and independent. Enjoys following me around the farm and checking everything out to make sure its all perfect like her.


Zira, Sophie, Star, Shark and Sadie are living life in their pools and under the shade trees of the farm. Living the good life. Well except Sadie who also has the run of the house and Dad Riddle's shotgun seat in his car.