Puppy News & Updates

Our litter of September 15, 2019 from Schultz and ZuZu is all reserved. 

We plan our next litter for early 2020.  If interested please email us.  Thegreatwhitegs@yahoo.com


Deposits: $200

AKC Male or female pups: $1100

With AKC full breeding rights: $1,600


About Our Puppies

Our beautiful, loving, playful puppies are available only 3 times a year. We are very particular about the homes our babies go to. Future owners need to be serious about their 12-16 year commitment to their new family member. Loving, socializing, training, and much time is needed to be invested in your new puppy to make it a good sound all around dog.

ALWAYS, the entire family needs to be on board and excited about this new family member and be committed to loving and caring for them for their entire lifetime. If you would consider giving them up for any reason, do not contact me.

Your future friend and companion should never be chained, left in a cage, a basement or garage. They are to be with you! In your home and outside with you, loved like a true family member. If you don't think this way, don't ask us for one of our puppies.

If you don't have this time or want this type of commitment then you will need to look elsewhere for a pet. Our dogs/puppies are “Forever Dogs!”


I am NOT an until you get bored with me dog.
I am NOT until you get a girlfriend dog.
I am NOT until you have no time dog.
I am NOT until you have to move dog.
I am NOT until you have a baby dog.
I am NOT an until I get old dog.
If you can't give me forever then I am NOT your dog.
It’s really that simple.


Raising Our Puppies

Our puppies are born and raised in our home living room. The little ones start venturing outside around 5 weeks old. When they get a taste of the outdoors, they truly have the times of their lives running, playing, chasing, hiding under bushes and all that comes with a puppy growing up. Around our farm they are familiarized with all our animals, (cats, horses and our other shepherds) as well as the sights and sounds of the farm equipment. This helps with their development and ability to go anywhere and hear most any sound and not run or be startled with whatever comes their way.

Rich or poor, he won't care.
Healthy or ill, he won't care.
Clean or in rags, he won't care.
Beautiful or ugly, he won't care,
He will always love you.


We want committed families. This is a lifelong deal here. You are getting a new family member; a new baby for its life. If you want to commit to a “forever” home for one of these beautiful, intelligent puppies, Contact us today.